Loved One

Coping With a Loved One Getting Older

It is one of the most challenging experiences in life, when you realize that your parents, grandparents or other loved ones are getting older. Age is one of the harsh realities of life, as time catches up to every person. But there can be a defining moment, when you realize that your loved one is no longer the person they were before.

It could be a mental decline or a physical one, or both. But what you are seeing is that your loved one is no longer able to take care of themselves. They are struggling with some of the activities we associate with daily living. Maybe it is a small change, such as forgetfulness or the occasional fall. But you should treat those changes as a warning sign. It can often get worse quickly.

Coping With Change

The biggest issue with this process is the changing dynamic. You associate your parent, grandparent or loved one with being self sufficient and resilient. They are often the person who takes care of you! But now it is your turn to help. Talk with your loved one and make sure you can find an arrangement that suits everyone.

It could be an assisted living facility or a home health care aide. It is all about making sure that your loved one is safe and comfortable. The expenses can be a challenge, but it is a sacrifice that is worth it.

Stay Strong

You want to be strong for your loved one. They are the person who is going through this change. But it is still impacting you, especially on an emotional level. It is important not to ignore that impact. Take care of your own mental health, because there is no sense in you breaking down and being unable to help your loved one.

Talk with your friends and other family members. Ensure that you are not taking on this burden alone. And if you feel like venting your frustration at this horrible situation, just make sure you are doing it when your loved one is not present. They are going through enough – they do not need to see you reacting badly to the change.

Finding the Best Help

The good news is that if you live in the Boca Raton area, you have many options. There are some great assisted living facilities in the area. And home health care is affordable, especially if you have good insurance coverage for your loved one. It is all about finding the solution that will suit everyone the most.

If your loved one wants to stay at home, try to get a health care aide who will be able to come and look after them during the hours when you are working. And when you come home, you will be able to manage.